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Nillkin PowerColor Fast 15W Wireless Charger


The Nillkin PowerColor fast Qi wireless charger features a unique and stylish pattern with tridimensional texture design blended beautifully with colorful light. In addition to its elegant design, it supports up to 15 W fast charging while also supporting other charging modes such as 10W, 7.5W, and 5W.


Smart Charging

Nillkin PowerColor fast Qi wireless charger features a smart chip that recognizes compatible devices and selects the appropriate charging mode. It offers multiple charging protection for safe and efficient continuous charging. It has three different light modes.

The built-in smart chip enables efficient energy conversion thanks to the inbuilt copper coil.

Charging Protection

The Nillkin PowerColor fast Qi wireless charger comes equipped with over-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, and FOD protection. Giving you peace of mind and no need to worry about charging hazards.

Qi Compatible

It is compatible with all QI-enabled devices.


The design is available in two themes; planet design and magic array design. Both options are stunning designs that will make your charging area look amazing.


Input; 5V/9V/12V 2A (MAX)


Transmission distance: <= 6mm

Charging efficiency: 78% and below.

Product dimensions: 110*110*16.5mm

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