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iPad Cases, Stands & Accessories In Bulk

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Beyond a comprehensive range of iPad cases, we offer an ever-growing range of business solutions and can even work with you to devise the most efficient systems for your needs and your industry. We have years of experience in consulting with and supplying bulk iPad cases & accessories to multiple industries including construction, government, healthcare, childcare, medical, emergency services, mining, education, public spaces, airlines, corporate, trade shows, sports, beauty and more.

We all live in an increasingly digital environment in which businesses and government organisations need to keep up with technology or get left behind. Caseoz® (formerly iPad Cases Australia) can assist you in devising appropriate solutions for making technology available to customers, staff and visitors with focus on what’s important:

  • Security (theftproof, lockable)

  • Location-appropriate (wall-mounted, floor mounted, through-wall, wearable, mobile)

  • User-friendliness (keyboards, keyboard cases, swivel-to-customer)

  • Portability (carts, carry cases, wheeled storage)

  • Power and connectivity (networking, docking, cabling, charging)

  • Environmental challenges (snow-proof, waterproof, water-resistant, dirt-proof)

  • Robustness (drop-proof, ruggedness)

  • Scalability (solutions for organisations of all sizes)

  • Age-appropriateness (child-friendly products)

  • Dexterity (elderly, disabled, children)

  • Medical (antimicrobial, smash-proof, fluid protection)

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Business Solutions Clients

Caseoz® has supplied efficient, cost-effective bulk iPad cases and situation-specific business solutions to a wide variety of clients.

Construction & Mining

Clients require rugged iPad cases that can withstand the challenges of the environment including dust, water and other pollutants, and which incorporate security elements including lockability and anti-theft.

Trade Shows

We supply a vast array of iPad solutions for trade show and expo usage including wall-mounted enclosures and floor-mounted flexi arms. We facilitate amplified lead generation as well as multimedia presentations and visitor registration and we equip your workforce with the tools and portability required to perform across the entire site, and eliminate paperwork.

Seminar Registration

Facilitate self-registration that also eliminates paperwork. Enable participant ID photography, provide seminar information and record video and written testimonials. Supply day use of iPads, provide iPad and iPhone charging facilities and equip seminar staff with wearable devices.

Public Spaces

Museums, art galleries, zoos and other tourist attractions benefit from wearable devices that can be configured to deliver materials in various languages, or which invite users to interact so that immediate feedback can be collated, by exhibit and by overall experience.

Hospitality Ordering, Point of Sale & Loyalty

Your POS and loyalty systems can be mounted off the counter for greater optimisation of space and for ease of customer access. Card readers can be affixed to your POS, or to wait staff ordering iPads so that customers can pay at the table. Talk to us about our café, bar and restaurant solutions.

Field Crews and Mobile Workforce

We can supply your fleet with vehicle mounts that keep your workforce safe, connected and compliant. Operate vital comms systems, generate invoices, access workflow data, track vehicles and so much more. These solutions are suited to emergency services (police, fire, ambulance), sales forces, taxis, Uber drivers, government fleets, trades and airport ground/tarmac crew.

Emergency Services

Eliminate paperwork, gain up to date access to critical information (e.g. minute-by-minute bushfire alerts), record data and more, all while keeping devices close to hand, portable and/or wearable. Secure, anti-theft and tamper-proof accessories keep data safe and devices from disappearing.

Medical Providers

Paramedics, first aid providers and home visit doctors benefit from vehicle-mounted, portable and wearable devices that keep them in touch and informed. We can supply tamper-proof, splash-proof, anti-smash and even antimicrobial cases for this important field work.

Early Intervention Organisations

We have supplied myriad different products to early intervention organisations for use by physically and intellectually disabled clients. The need to accommodate low dexterity, challenging behaviours (throwing, dropping) and various contaminants (bodily fluids) can easily be met with our extensive product range. It’s worth noting that government funding may be available for your purchases.

Salon & Practice Use

In beauty and hair salons, dental and doctors’ waiting rooms and wherever else your clients or their children spend time, iPads can be a source of entertainment and information. Our extensive range of cases and accessories includes options for all kinds of environments. We can supply lockable, attractive cases for children’s use and extension cables that can be locked to your reception counter. Speak to us for a solution that suits your premises.

Government Departments

We supply various government departments with cases, accessories and whole-of-site solutions for workforce and client use. Registration, queue ticketing and form completion systems are simple for clients to use and save staff a great deal of time. Our solutions ensure your devices are in place without being in the way, and eliminate any vulnerability to theft or tampering.


We supply well-known NRL clubs with iPad grip cases for their on-field coaching sessions. Swimming coaches also benefit from drop-proof, water-resistant and waterproof cases for their devices.



We custom make tech related products including metal/plastic products based on your requirements, and with low minimum order quantities at unbeatable prices. Whether it be an iPad POS enclosure, mounting system or even school lockers, we can custom make it!

Speak to us

Whatever your industry, whatever your challenges, Caseoz® will consult with you to determine the most efficient and task-specific solution for your requirements. We can supply a single iPad case through to comprehensive, nationwide, multiple-site iPad cases & accessories solutions for your staff, clients and visitors. Nothing is too difficult or too large. Simply email us at sales@caseoz.com.au or complete our contact form with your requirements. Alternatively, you can contact us on (07) 3063 7201. We will take the time to understand your business then deliver a proposal that will fully meet your requirements.